Scenery Tipps

Ortho pictures and mesh

An adequate ground texture provides better means of visual navigation and beauty of the landscape. An adequate mesh provides way better landing opportunities. Thus, a good combination of those two factors is detrimental to one’s experience in mountain flying. Luckily, in X-Plane both are available for free (mostly).

I can’t upload any particular ortho tiles, due to legal problems, but there is a great tutorial on how to create a tile with the mesh and satellite imagery you want.

If you want to use my non-Dolomiti sceneries the UHD mesh by alpilotX is required, as that’s the most detailed mesh my sceneries are optimized for. But there are many sources for the imagery. From my own experience, I can tell that for Arc workes best for South Tyrol and Bi (Bing) is looking good for Austria.

Be advised, my sceneries are build and tested with a curviture_tolerance (curv_tol) of 1.4 and mesh_zoomlevel (mesh_zl) of 20, to be set in the options when generating a tile with Ortho4XP. The normal UHD-Mesh will also work, but some very minor details in mesh adaptation might be off.

Additionally, you can also transform your ortho tile to winter ortho tiles depending on temperature and weather by using the tool winterizer by X-Codr .

Great additional sceneries

After a good mesh and good ground textures, a detailed autogen (placed houses, streets, power lines, etc…) improve your flight experience enormously. The best freeware in all Europe to do so is simHeavens X-Europe. By adding much-needed ropeways it is an integral part of my simulator.

By region: Saalbach