Heliport Pontives – LRZ Aiut Alpin Dolomites Pack – Version 2.0


  • assure UHD-mesh compatibility [done]
  • add the new hangar of the second Aiut Alpin Dolomites Helicopter. [done]
  • add Elikos hangar interior [done]
  • add tiny heliport nearby [postponed, due to a lack of information and pictures]
  • rework some of the models and add some further detail [mostly done]
  • animate Elikos hangar door [done]
  • add heliport in Pozza di Fassa [done]

Update log 2:

Many minor things have been done since the last log. After refining the ground texture of the foundation, I also reworked the whole object and added a lot of detail and realism. Trees have been planted and the decision was made to rebuild the roof of the Elikos hangar. As the addition of a hangar interior, new detail objects, and a new hangar roof caused a spike in the polygon count, I worked on reducing the polygons in areas where they aren’t necessary. In general, the fps optimization of a >200.000 polygon scenery has grown to a big part of the project. Thus, in the future LOD attributes will be added to many objects.

I also made the decision to update the Dolomiti-3D version, but to treat it as a separate scenery pack. It will receive updates on existing non-mesh-related objects like the new roof or the second Aiut Alpin hangar, but won’t receive mesh-related updates the new foundation obj. or potential new helipads.

Update log 1:

Since the upload of version 1.0 some things have been done. I’ve begun working on different parts, of which everything is far away from perfect and still needs to be refined. So far, I began: building the Elikos interior, the hangar of the second Aiut Alpin helicopter, refining some details on the foundation and making it compatible with the UHD-mesh, which is freeware.