Heliport Bozen – LRZ Pelikan 1

Version 1.0

Bozen is the capital of South Tyrol also has the biggest and therefore most important hospital of the province. Besides being an essential strategic point for the air ambulances “Aiut Alpin Dolomites”, “Pelikan 2” and “Pelikan 3” it also accommodates its own helicopter “Pelikan 1”. Pelikan 1 is quite diversely used from primary missions and alpine rescue missions to secondary missions between hospitals.

Therefore the heliport, as well as the hospital, are vital suppliers of ambulance services to whole South Tyrol. Therefore, I built the Heliport of Pelikan 1 and the helipad of the emergency ward in a high degree of detail, as the whole hospital is too big to build it the same way. Due to that, I supply two versions: one where the rest of the hospital is built with objects from the R2 Library and as Dolomiti-3D provides its own version of the hospital, one with no hospital buildings, where just the heliport and helipad are replaced.

  • LRZ Pelikan 1
Comparison to real-life
Comparison to real-life


!You need the R2-Library (no Dolomiti-3D Version) OR Dolomiti-3D (Dolomiti-3D Version)!

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Dolomiti-3D Frank Dainesebuy
The Handy Objects Library Scottish Wings download

Don’t forget to install the included lights.txt.


  • LRZ Pelikan 1
  • Hospital helipad + nearest hospital building
  • rest of hospital Bozen built from R2-Library objects (no Dolomiti-3D version)
  • photorealistic 4K-textures
  • realistic lighting and night textures
  • summer and winter textures
  • detailed 3D-models
  • adjusted lights.txt

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Tested with X-Plane 11 Version 11.41r1 and Dolomiti-3D.

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