Dolomite Huts pack

Version 1.1

The Dolomites are an astonishing place to hike and especially to fly through. But sadly, public helicopter sceneries in this area are quite rare. So, after my summer vacation seeing many helipads at the huts I walked by, I decided to build the important ones for X-Plane. The most huts in the area of Val Gardena needing to be supplied by helicopters in some way are included. To provide for the possibility of sling load- or VIP flight missions a small, realistic and somewhat landable area at each hut is provided. Also one bivouac the “Langkofelbiwak” is included. Each hut is built photorealisticly with a detailed 3D-model and fitted to the Dolomiti-3D mesh.

I spent lots of time building all the 13 huts, so have fun flying! 😀

  • Tierser Alpl
Comparison to real-life
  • Tierser Alpl


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  • Schlernbödele Hütte – Rif. Malghetta Sciliar
  • Langkofelhütte – Rif. Vicenza
  • Tierser Alpl – Rif. Alpe di Tires
  • Pisciadù Hütte – Rif. F. Cavazza
  • Toni Demetz Hütte – Rif. Toni Demetz
  • Grassleitenpass Hütte – Rif. Passo Principe
  • Sandro Pertini Hütte – Rif. Sandro Pertini
  • Langkofelbiwak – Bivacco Sassolungo
  • Gartlhütte – Rif. Di Alberto
  • Franz Kostner Hütte – Rif. Franz Kostner
  • Schlernhaus – Rif. Bolzano 
  • Boé Hütte – Rif. Boé
  • Puez Hütte – Rif. Puez
  • detailed huts with realistic 3D-model and photorealistic textures
  • compatiblity with the .obj Dolomiti-3D mountains
  • landing opportunities at each hut, despite the Langkofelbiwak
  • custom-built mesh for the most huts
  • mountain Valbonspitz next to the Grassleitenpass Hütte

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Tested with X-Plane 11 Version 11.41r1 and Dolomiti-3D.

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