I haven’t been lazy.

Half a year has gone by with nearly zero activity shown on this website. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything. It’s the opposite case. I’m working at many projects parallelly like: Heliport Pontives Pack 2.0 + new helipads ; new Version of Heliport Bozen with the new rooftop helipad ; Hospital Schlanders ; Dolomites Huts pack 2.0 with UHD mesh compatibility; LRZ Christoph 70 ; sling load objects pack

…some of them being close to publishment in the near future and others on hold or just consuming more time than anticipated. So, I’m happy to upload some of these in the next time, after finishing and testing them, as mesh compatibility is the factor consuming the most time.

Update release: Dolomite Huts pack – Version 1.1

As with the Heliport Pontives Pack, I planned to make a bigger update with many huts being added after summer. But due to the reasons readable here, I now decided to release a (maybe last) Dolomiti-3D compatible Version of the Dolomite Huts pack. Over the winter I build two huts I haven’t actually been to, but which are important to the region and well known: the Boé Hütte and Puez Hütte.

Update release: Heliport Pontives – LRZ Aiut Alpin Dolomites – Version 1.1

Since I’ve released the first version of the Heliport Pontives Pack, I inconsistently worked on the new version and I still do, whenever I’m in the mood to. Initially, I planned to make a big 2.0 Update with an added interior of the hangars, new models, buildings and Helipads in the area. But due to a change in my South Tyrol scenery setup (probably only using some parts of Dolomiti-3D), I don’t know if I’m gonna provide Dolomiti-3D compatibility to my upcoming sceneries in the area and therefore also to the 2.0 Update.

Thus, I took the decision to upload the scenery in its current state of progress, where some sceneries were added, the biggest being the Helipad at the Seiser Alm Bahn. Also, a tiny helipad at the Hotel Pinei was added. I also included the first rescue mission at Monte Civetta using the same object as the rescue mission: Zwölferkogel near Hinterglemm and therefore being challenge for slingload and winch pilots.

Helipad Seiser Alm Bahn

Update release: Heliport Saalbach-Hinterglemm – LRZ Martin 6 – Version 2.1

I finally released the second Version of the Heliport Saalbach-Hinterglemm. After visiting the Base again this winter and having a whole year more experience in building sceneries, I decided to change several things on my first published scenery.

The mesh of the Hangar and the youth hostel were totally rebuilt, to fit the environment in a more realistic and smoother way. Thus, I also had to rework the winter version of the base with its 3D snow model, which is now way smoother and better looking. Also, bugs were fixed and some details to the Hangar were added.

Due to the old version of the youth hostel being built quite sloppy, I also rebuilt that to be way more detailed. That old state especially annoyed me, because I stayed there for the last 3 years, but couldn’t do a better job due to a lack of pictures and therefore textures.

In the newest version 2.1, I added something totally new. The winter version now has got ski slopes on the mountains directly surrounding the base! Thus, you can now see the groomed slopes of the Schattberg east/ west and the Zwölferkogel with its famous FIS world cup slope.

I’m happy to be back again!

Sooo… starting the website all over again after the server crash wasn’t easy, but it’s nearly done. I changed some things and resorted the whole website. Work was continued on some projects and some updates are now released like the Dolomite Huts pack 1.1, Heliport Pontives Pack 1.1 and Heliport Saalbach Hinterglemm 2.1. I’ll also start releasing some smaller pieces of content in the category “Other content”.

From now on only bigger, long-term projects are will be featured on the project page, so smaller ones will be surprise releases. Every release (no matter how small) will be featured in a post like this on the home page, for you to be easily able to see what’s new.

Another bigger change is that I don’t know if I’m gonna continue building Dolomiti-3D compatible sceneries due to an alteration in Dolomite/ South Tyrol setup. What might be a drawback for some is an advantage for other people, as upcoming sceneries in this area are likely to be UHD-mesh compatible and thus don’t require a 80€ payware scenery. But if one of my sceneries currently compatible with Dolomiti-3D is going to be updated, the older compatible version will always be available on the same page.

I´m glad to be back online, so have fun with my content while flying! 🙂